Sylvia Vigliani - fine artist

SYLVIA VIGLIANI is an artist/teacher living in the Bronx. She has worked in a multitude of media, ranging from relief sculpture, mixed media photography and still life painting. A graduate of Brandeis University, with advanced art degrees from NYU, Sylvia has combined her career as an art teacher and artist since its inception. Much of Sylvia’s work is informed by a love of cultures, past and present. Her work suggests ideal forms as they exist in nature, the human figure and the man-made world. In her sculptural forms and mixed media works, there is a strong sense of layering, of revealing images beneath the surface in a fascination with archeology as it suggests traces of previous life, and offers clues to our distant past. Sylvia’s education and teaching experience led her to developing a passion for  Classical art. As the daughter of immigrant parents from Italy, she had many experiences exploring her roots and connecting to themes and images in antiquity. In her professional career, she spent six years teaching in Italy, England and Germany. During that time, she was able to study at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Turin, and earned residencies in Pietrasanta and The Burren. Sylvia has exhibited in numerous shows in Europe and the US in solo and group exhibitions. Her work is part of private collections, and she has been exhibiting for over 20 years.