Programs & Initiatives

Promo Events

KRVC holds “Promo Events” in advance of our larger events.  KRVC holds the Promos inside and in front of sponsoring businesses.  Through these promos, KRVC offers a “sneak preview” of the upcoming festival or Movie Night.  KRVC brings performers to the promo, invites our sponsors, the media and elected officials.  During the promo events, KRVC distributes promotional material to community... read more

Block Festivals

Since 2010, KRVC has organized numerous festivals in the communities of Riverdale and Woodlawn.  These festivals serve to  enrich our community by bringing diverse groups, across all ages, races and religions, together. Our goal is to create, build, and grow a vibrant, connected and engaged community for its residents and businesses by leveraging the universal power of live music, theater,... read more

Movies in the Park

Since 2011, KRVC has organized summer movie nights in the communities of Riverdale and Woodlawn, as well as some in other parts of the broader Bronx area. These movies are held outside during the summer months and have been attended by hundreds of community members. 

Our first Movie Night was held in September 2011 in Seton Park in Riverdale where we showed ... read more

Go Green the Bronx

The purpose of KRVC’s “Go Green the Bronx” project is to reduce the generation of electricity in our community through the promotion of a range of energy efficiency survey and retrofit programs.  By reducing electricity generation, we can improve the air and water quality of our community, which will result in a healthier, cleaner environment for our residents. In partnership with Con Edison,... read more

Holiday Shopping Shuttles

In November 2010 and 2011 KRVC held Holiday Shopping Shuttle events have been great community days of raffles, food tasting, wine tasting, book reading, game playing, art, fashion, great deals on jewelry, computers, gifts, live music and more!  Shoppers board a special shopping bus donated by Exec-You-Van and travel to Riverdale and Kingsbridge businesses, which participate in the events as “... read more

Past Accomplishments (1981-2010)

The rest of this website focuses on  the work of KRVC since April 2010 when Tracy McCabe Shelton took over as Executive Director. However, KRVC was founded in 1981. The overall activities of KRVC were directed towards affordable housing programs and economic development activities from 1981-2010. KRVC produced new and rehabbed housing, provided housing management and rent-up and implemented... read more