Meet Team RiverFest!

iJune 14, 2015

Meet Team RiverFest!

​Sandy Shalleck, Organizing Committee Member

Yael Levy, RiverFest Founder, Main Stage Producer, RiverFest 2015 Fundraiser

Cliff Stanton, Festival and Greenway Coordinator for KRVC

Tracy Shelton, Executive Director, KRVC

Jack Lehnert, Exhibitor and Special Attractions Coordinator

Farrah Rubin, Festival Fundraiser and Volunteer Coordinator

Ethan Strell, Waterfront Coordinator

Rita Lowe, Organizing Committee Member

Shari Hall, Administrator

Missing from Photo:  Stephanie Hill, Linda Hirlehey, Lori Copland, Lucy Reading, Bob Bender, Robert Fanuzzi, Anne Pouch and Bruce Tallerman