KRVC Vision Board Meetup

iNovember 29, 2016

Stacey Natal, professional photographer and blogger, and Linda Manning, playwright, screenwriter and actor, lead a workshop "Visualize to Materialize", a vision board party for creative business women. "It felt so rewarding to create an opportunity for local creatives to come together to connect, establish new relationships and start to intentionally put into place what they’d like to create in their life and work for the upcoming new year," Stacey shared with us after the workshop.  Stacey and Linda worked really well together - balancing each other out by bringing in their own unique perspectives and interests to create a cohesive inspiring workshop for all that attended.

Stacey and Linda frequently meetup with other creatives in the city and felt there was a need to bring that same energy and comradery here to Riverdale.  As a coach, Stacey is working with mothers to help them think bigger for their lives and businesses.  Since Stacey and Linda are both mothers, as well as pursuing creative endeavors, they wanted to share the techniques they both use to stay inspired and bust through limiting beliefs.  It opened up a conversation with the group and allowed for a safe space to share thoughts and ideas.

More workshops are planned in the coming year.