Draft Bronx Greenway Trail Report Released - Final Coming Soon!

iOctober 30, 2017

Years of activism and advocacy for the Hudson River Greenway in the Bronx finally appear to be paying off. On October 30th, the Community Board 8 Special Committee on the Greenway hosted representatives from the MTA and its design consultants who presented their ndings on the study funded by Senator Jeff Klein.

The MTA Plan, which will culminate in a final report expected to be made available to the community any day now, will attempt to address several design challenges including safety concerns, accessibility, private property ownership and protection against storm surge. The outline of the final plan will involve a combination of elevated paths (above the 100 year flood plain), portions where the path can be built atop rip rap, with or without a retaining wall, and possibly a portion which would be built at or above grade east of the tracks. The final plan will propose up to six access ramps and bridges using either existing, restored or new infrastructure. The MTA estimates the total cost, including soft costs such as a detailed engineering study, permits, limited private property acquisition, etc. would range from $80 to $125 million. But the report will be written in a way that enables the community to isolate specific portions that could be funded and built one at a time.

Click through the images below for a powerpoint presentation of the draft report.