Please follow these guidelines and include all the information requested when you submit invoices to KRVC.  Thank you!

1. Date:  Date you are sending the invoice (include the year).

2. Vendor (Your) info: The source of the invoice should be clear and include your company's name, address, email address and telephone number. The latter is important so we can immediately contact you with questions about the bill. If there's a separate number or email for customer service, include that, too.  If the check is to be made payable to a name other than the company name then include a "Check Made Payable To" line.  

3. Customer/Bill to (KRVC) info: Be sure your invoice includes our full company name and contact info:

Kingsbridge-Riverdale-Van Cortlandt Development Corporation
505 West 236th Street
Bronx, NY 10463

4. Description, Amount and Total: 

Services - Please include the date the services were provided (include the year), where they were provided and for what event if applicable.  Include a detailed description of the services provided: include type of services, number of hours provided, etc.  Indicate the cost of each service provided and the total of the invoice.

Goods – Please include the date the goods were delivered (include the year).  Include a detailed description of the items, the cost per item, the quantity purchased and the total amount of the invoice.

5. Invoice Submission Instructions :Please send all KRVC invoices as a PDF to and

Note:  Please refrain from including the names of any individuals on invoices you send to KRVC.  You may  cc any individuals you discussed your goods or services with in the email when you submit your invoice or reference their names in the body of the email but please do not include their names on the invoices you submit to us.