KRVC is committed to achieve the goal of a Hudson River Greenway for the Bronx by helping to coordinate the efforts of stakeholders and local leaders and producing events such as Greenway Day, Riverdale RiverFest and the Greenway Gala. 

Check this page often for the latest Greenway news for our community:

Draft MTA Greenway Study Released, October 30, 2017

City Council Greenway Resolution Hearing, April 6, 2017

Bus Shelter Ad is Up for RiverFest 2017!

Greenway Meeting Coverage in Riverdale Press, March 23, 2017

Greenway Meeting at KRVC

Greenway Coverage in Riverdale Press, January 18, 2017

RiverFest 2016 Photos

Bronx Net Appearance by Cliff Stanton on the Greenway, June 1, 2016

Orleans to Headline at RiverFest 2016

Riverdale RiverFest 2016 is coming soon!

City Council Greenway Resolution Introduced

Great Greenway Study News!

Greenway Gala Tickets on Sale Now

Save the Date for RiverFest 2016 - It is June 5th!

Hundreds Sailed the Hudson and Thousands Attended RiverFest 2015

Meet Team RiverFest

RiverFest Helps Us Build the Greenway Now

KRVC's New Bounce House at RiverFest!

Bo Bice and Blood, Sweat and Tears Rocked RiverFest!

Greenway Op Ed

RiverFest Program in Riverdale Press

Blood Sweat and Tears to Play at RiverFest!

TD Bank is Bringing the Forest to RiverFest!

RiverFest 2015 Promo Card - Use it to Spread the Word about this Great Event!

Sail on the Hudson-Register for a Boat Ride!

Check out our Bus Shelter Ads for Build It Now and RiverFest

New RiverFest Sponsor Packages Released with Boat Rides!

Please Donate to the Riverdale RiverFest 2015 fund!

Riverdale RiverFest 2015 is June 14, 2015

KRVC's Greenway Day on the front page of Riverdale Press, April 2015

Greenway Day - Hundreds want to Build It Now!

Our Elected Officials Say Build It Now

KRVC Announces Riverdale RiverFest Fundraising Drive

Sign an Online Postcard to Support the Greenway!

KRVC Launches Our Build It Now Greenway Campaign!

Community Board 8's Special Greenway Committee Tours,Talks & Meetings

Riverdale Press Gala Coverage

KRVC's New Greenway Campaign Coordinator - Cliff Stanton

KRVC's  Greenway Gala

Riverdale Press Greenway Coverage

Riverdale RiverFest 2014

Community Board 8's Resolution

Elected Officials Weigh In - The Time for a Riverside Path is Now

Local Stewards of the River Weigh In with Quotes in the Special Daily News Section

Daily News Special Section on the Greenway