Funding Wish List & Proposals

This  page is in  development. Soon we will post detailed proposals for the following:

Event Funding – We are developing  a proposal to purchase, run and maintain a Trolley that would serve as a shopping shuttle.  It was always our goal through our Holiday Shopping Shuttles to expand the program in that way.  We are developing a proposal to purchase and maintain a KRVC van (we have already secured funding for a large truck) – the van would be used to transport items to smaller events (biz boosterspromo events, etc.).  We are also developing a proposal for general event support (festivals, movie nights, etc.) – once we purchase the equipment we have already secured funding for – thanks to the generosity of State Senator Jeff Klein – we will have increased costs to store, maintain, insure and operate the equipment.  We are grateful  that State Senator Klein has secured some of this much needed funding for us.

Program Funding – We have program grants on our wish list:  (1) Go Green Retrofit Grants – we are fortunate to partner with Con Edison on this program.  We have secured funding to promote their energy efficiency retrofit program.  However, we need funding to offer grants to interested businesses so that they can take advantage of the program.  (2) Meet the Merchants Movies - we were fortunate to receive a grant from NYC Small Business Services to make a Meet the Merchants movie in Woodlawn and from Councilmember Andrew Cohen to create one in Riverdale. We hope to secure funding to make more of these movies in other parts of the community we represent and to promote them on this website, as we have done with the Woodlawn Movie and plan to do in Riverdale.  (3) Block Beautification - for many years, KRVC maintained the tree pits along some of the commercial corridors in our community.  We maintained the tree flowers and contracted out for seasonal plantings and holiday decorations.  We also coordinated a graffiti removal program.  There is a need for block beautification programs of all types in our community and this is another proposal we are developing. (4) North Riverdale Merchants Association website - KRVC is committed to helping the North Riverdale Merchants Association accomplish its many goals.  One of those goals is to obtain funding for a website similar to this one, which would enable them to showcase all their accomplishments, upcoming events, merchant members and community partners.  (5) Woodlawn Heights Merchants Association - KRVC is committed to making the Woodlawn Heights Shopping Corridor a destination.  We plan to apply for more Avenue NYC SBS funding to pursue that goal.  (6) Marble Hill Merchant Organizing - KRVC currently has Avenue NYC SBS grant funding to form a Merchants Association in Marble Hill and will also apply for more Avenue NYC SBS funding to support the Association.

Operating GrantsStaff expansion and new office space are at the top of our Wish List.   We hope to secure funds to hire an event coordinator, grant and funding coordinator, social networking coordinator, community development coordinator, merchant organizer, neighborhood coordinators (some bilingual). We also hope to secure funding to purchase or lease a store-front space that would be accessible to the public.  This space would preferably be located along one of our community’s shopping corridors or in one of the new commercial developments. 

Development Proposals - KRVC has three areas of interest in terms of development:  Riverfront Access, Broadway in the Bronx and the Revitalization plans for the North Riverdale Commercial Corridor.  KRVC is actively seeking funding to support the Friends of the Hudson River Greenway in their endeavor to gain public access to the river for our community.  KRVC is also actively seeking funding to make "Broadway in the Bronx" an attractive shopping and entertainment destination.  Funds are needed to develop and implement a beautification and marketing plan for the commercial corridor that runs from 228th to 242nd Street. The centerpiece of that would be a plan to beautify the elevated train tracks, vital to our community, but an unattractive detriment to Broadway in their current state. In addition, a movie theatre, bowling alley and live performance space would compliment the retail corridor to really put "Broadway in the Bronx" on the map as a major shopping and entertainment spot!  The North Riverdale Merchants Association is seeking funding to develop and implement a plan to beautify and revitalize their shopping corridor. KRVC is committed to helping them in this endeavor.

Check back to see the more detailed proposals for this Wish List!