Brenda Bergman - fine artist

BRENDA BERGMAN is a grateful student of the great Daniel Hauben's. She was born multi-talented which, she contends, has made her a "Jack of all trades, Master of none." Faced with the choice the HS of MUSIC and ART for voice or HS of ART and DESIGN for won out. She has had a long storied career as a singer, actress, comic, etc. Bergman got on the radar in "Women Behind Bars" and "Neon Woman" with the late, great DIVINE. Her Motown/Memphis style band Brenda and the Real Tones counted among her fans Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Peter Allen, The Clash, Debbie Harry and others. Bergman moved to New Orleans for 10 years where she worked in advertising, a perfect job for A.D.D and varied abilities, and returned with a husband and two kids. More show biz and raising the kids, but the desire to buckle down and study art pervaded. Danny saw some promise and became Brenda's mentor. He geared her toward the Art Students League where she studied for 2 years along with his 2 classes a week and two sculpture classes with Harriet Belag and Rochelle Aruti.